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Innovation Diploma Plus is a small, academically challenging transfer high school that offers students a second chance to earn a high school diploma and develop the skills needed for college & career success.

Our Plans for 2023-2024

Students and Families stay connected beyond the four walls of IDP and follow the latest information about school re-opening in the fall.

New Student Enrollment

We are currently enrolling students to join our community. If you are interested in becoming a member of our community, please see our Admissions Page for more information. 

The IDP Podcast Network on Spotify

Deep conversations between students and students, and students and IDP adults about life, and the path to success at IDP and beyond. 

New IP-PureCreativeArts Music Video Collaboration 

Cake - a music video, starring IDP students and our own poetry  inspired by IDP student poetry. 

Personal Competencies Meme Project

Personal Competencies - Poster Project

We are bringing our Personal Competency Rubric to life through a student-generated poster-making project. Our first activity was for students to analyze, give feedback, or create new posters.  The results are posted above, and have been printed and posted in the halls and classrooms of IDP!

Innovation Diploma Plus High School

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145 W 84th Street

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