Core Values

Innovation, Teamwork, Resiliance

Pride in the Community

At Innovation Diploma Plus it is important that we work and learn in an environment that is supportive and respectful to all the members of the school community.

Our core values of Innovation, Teamwork and Resilience are something we take great pride in as a community, and we strive to live these values each day at IDP.

Core Value Indicators


Students at IDP who demonstrate innovation do the following...

  • develop innovative products (via technology or other means)

  • ask thought provoking questions

  • take risks and learn by trial and error

  • demonstrate a true passion to learn and apply the content


Students at IDP who demonstrate teamwork do the following...

  • demonstrate an enthusiasm for interacting and collaborating with peers

  • contribute to project teams in a meaningful and significant way

  • remain focused on assigned tasks and do not get distracted or distract others

  • show up to class on time and are cooperative and respectful towards the other students


Students at IDP who demonstrate resilience do the following...

  • adhere to assigned deadlines for daily tasks, class projects and more

  • demonstrate a capacity and willingness to change behaviors

  • come to class with a good attitude, prepared to learn

  • demonstrate effort and persevere even when tasks become challenging