Staff Directory


Daniel Storchan, Principal

Daiana Castillo-Goode, MSW, Director, Learning to Work Program

Catholic Charities Community Services

Alianza Dominicana Division

Jaimee Fischer, Assistant Principal

Advocate Counselors, CBO Admin

Rainey Cruz, Advocate Counselor

Arianna Eras, Advocate Counselor

Eon Goldson, Internship Coordinator

Katherine Urena, Advocate Counselor

Instructional Staff

Soraya Angulo, English

Anthony Ardito, Social Studies

Julia Brown, Mathematics

Juan Cardona, Social Studies

Carla Cherry, English

Joyce Disanti, Physical Education

Carol Fink, Mathematics

Brian Gold, Special Education

Maria Perdikologos, Science

Meagan Patrzykont, English Language Learners

Jashaun Roebuck, Social Studies

Guinevere Shaw-Smith, English

Nathalie Shepherd, Visual Arts

Susan Sylvester, Science

Dr. Sean Turner, Theater Arts & Special Education

School Based Support Staff

Leonardo Blackman, Community Coordinator

Vanessa Carmona, School Secretary

Ashley Dominguez, Parent Coordinator

Davinna Thrower, LMSW School Social Worker

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145 W 84th Street NY, NY 10024 (map)

Staff Email Directory, Phone (212) 724-2039

Catholic Charities Community Services Alianza, Learning to Work Program - working partners with IDP since 2009.

Office: 212.362.5830, Fax: 212.362.1221