About IDP

The IDP Mission

Innovation Diploma Plus (IDP) is a Transfer School designed to support the social, cultural, emotional and academic development of over-aged and under-credited students. Together we serve students who are looking for an opportunity to experience success, earn their high school diploma, transition to college/careers, and reach their dreams.

IDP is intended for youth who have been failed by a traditional system that did not adequately nurture their gifts, curiosity, intelligence and power as learners. IDP values the wealth of creativity, honesty, courage, and hopefulness our youth and their families bring. We know that when they come to a Diploma Plus school, they are making a commitment to honor generations of struggle for the promise of education and success in life. IDP is an alternative in the best sense of the word. Its role is to transform our students’ learning experience from what they’ve been told they can’t be to what we know they can and will be.

IDP will ensure that both the educational and developmental needs of each student will be served. Our goal is for every graduate to be an authentic learner with the analytical and social skills needed to excel in our ever-changing world and truly become a citizen of the information age. At IDP, many of our students have tried traditional high schools, but couldn't find a support system and environment where they could thrive. The school is based on the Diploma Plus model, which means the entire school community will work together to prepare students for not only a Regents diploma, but for achievements well beyond the high school level.

IDP honors student voice and welcomes you and your family to a new enriched high school experience. If you feel IDP is the school for you, please call us at 212.724.2039 to schedule an appointment or register for an open house on the Admissions page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Living Our Mission

IDP’s staff is committed to each student, and we will invest in their success. We will work with each student to provide the following:

  • School culture that promotes student leadership and strong engagement

  • Support from a primary contact person who will conduct regular one on one check-ins on the student’s progress

  • Support in tracking their academic progress using report cards, progress reports, and periodic assessments

  • Attendance outreach, academic intervention and counseling services

  • College preparation, job shadowing and other career preparation, and mentoring opportunities

  • Referrals to community based support services for students and family members

  • Accelerated credit accumulation

  • Student-centered, rigorous classroom instruction

  • Onsite College Now Classes

  • Paid Internships