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Student Highlights 

Virtual Graduation - June 2021

Watch the entire ceremony on the playlist below.

Featured Work: I'M AFRAID, I'M NEXT: Gun Control in America 

Students in Ms. Cherry and Ms. Patryzkont's Participation in Government class researched gun laws, the uniquely troubling history of gun violence in the U.S. through analysis of articles and documentary videos. 

They developed their positions on the subject through writing and reflection and, with collaboration from The Media Spot, adapted their writing into a series of productions using online media editing programs to mash-up images, text, music, video, and person-on-the-street interviews.  Those pieces, including original "bop poems" workshopped with Truthworker Theater Co.  and behind-the-scenes footage of their project-based learning process resulted in this thought-provoking film that showcases the range of perspectives that an IDP class can bring to the table. 

Featured Work: Enforced Out

A student produced documentary about the impact of policing practices related to gentrification on the communities in which our students live. Produced in collaboration with our students, ELA teachers, The Educational Video Center, and The Media Spot - with an emphasis on using digital media and technology and media literacy education to activate student voice through authentic, project-based learning.  Also see it's sister work Is Justice an Anomly on our Vimeo channel.

Enforced Out was broadcast by the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in August of 2017.